Batch Controller

Batch Controller are special-purpose instruments that are intended to be used in conjunction with a flow sensor and control valve to dispense the desired amount of fluid into a container, tank, or vehicle. In some cases, the temperature may also be used to estimate the fluid density from stored fluid properties.

Specifications Features
Power SupplyNormal Type: AC 220V % (50Hz±2Hz)
Special Type: AC 80~265V (Switch power)
DC 24V±1V (Switch power) (AC 36V 50Hz±2Hz)
Back-up power: +12V, 20AH, it will last 72 hours
Analog Input SignalThermocouple: K, E, B, J, N, T, S Pt100
Current: 0-10mA, 4~20mA
Input impedance≤250Ω

Pulse Input SignalWaveform: Rectangular, Sine and Triangle wave
Amplitude: more than 4V
Frequency: 0~10KHz
Analog Output SignalDC 0~10mA(Load resistance≤750Ω);
DC 4~20mA(Load resistance≤500Ω);
Accuracy0.2%FS±1d or 0.5%FS±1d
Accuracy for frequency conversion: ±1 pulse (LMS), better than 0.2%
DisplayBacklit 128*64 lattice LCD
Display flow totalizer, flow rate, energy, power, medium temperature, medium pressure, medium density, medium heat enthalpy, differential pressure, current, frequency, date, time, Alarm status
Measuring range-999999~999999 for flow rate and compensation value
0~99999999.9999 for totalizer
PrinterThrough RS232 interface to Serial thermal printer
Real-time print or timing print, Up to 8 times timing print in one day.
Power consumption≤10W
Control/Alarm• select relay upper limit, lower limit control (or alarm) output, LCD and LED output indicator;
• control (or alarm) for back to the poor (users can freely set)
• select alarm mode: the maximum flow rate, flow rate, temperature upper limit, lower limit temperature;
ProtectionTotalizer will be remained for more than 20 years after power off
Reset automatically when Power supply is low
Reset automatically when abnormal working (Watch Dog)
Self-healing fuse
Short circuit protection
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece

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Ticket Printer


RS232 connection

Control box

circuit board




  • Pannel flow totalizer drawing


  • RS485 Protocol
  • Hart Protocol

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