Magnetic Flow meter

A magnetic flow meter (mag meter, electromagnetic flow meter) is a transducer that measures fluid flow by the voltage induced across the liquid by its flow through a magnetic field. A magnetic field is applied to the metering tube, which results in a potential difference proportional to the flow velocity perpendicular to the flux lines. The physical principle at work is electromagnetic induction. The magnetic flow meter requires a conducting fluid, for example, water that contains ions, and an electrical insulating pipe surface, for example, a rubber-lined steel tube.

Magnetic Flow meter Overview

electromagnetic flowmeters generally have the following features. Unaffected by the temperature, pressure, density, or viscosity of the liquid.Able to detect liquids that include contaminants (solids, air bubbles). There are no pressure loss.No moving parts (improves reliability).Cannot detect gases and liquids without electrical conductivity. A short section of straight pipe is required.

Magnetic Flow meter Principle

Electromagnetic flow meters detect flow by using Faraday’s Law of induction.
Inside an electromagnetic flow meter, there is an electromagnetic coil that generates a magnetic field, and electrodes that capture electromotive force(voltage). Due to this, although it may appear as if there is nothing inside the flow pipe of an electromagnetic flow meter, flow can be measured.



Mass & Volumetric flow monitoring of most conductive liquids

  • The foremost advantage is fixed parts
  • Withstands changes in density, viscosity, temperature, and electrical conductivity
  • Not affected by contamination of the liquid
  • Easy to maintain with a low maintenance cost
  • Capable of operating in both directions

Easy to Install, lots of field installation options

Rugged, long-lasting design for the toughest applications


Pipe diameter:1/4″inch to 80″inch



Pressure rate:≤6 Bar,≤10 Bar,≤16 Bar,≤25 Bar,≤40 Bar

Temperature:≤60℃(Rubber lining),≤130℃(Teflon lining)


Ambient temperature:
Operating: -20° to 60°C
Storage: -40° to 65°C


Power supply:90-250VAC,24VDC 500mA,3.6V Battery

Output signal:

  • 4-20mA
  • Pulse
  • User-definable pulse output for totalized flow

Digital communications: RS485, Hart

Hazardous-Area Location Enclosure




Remote Indicator

filed indicator Electromagnetic-Flowmeter

field indicator

Insertion Type



  • inline Electromagnetic Flowmeter 1“ inch drawing
  • inline Electromagnetic Flowmeter 1.5“ inch drawing
  • inline Electromagnetic Flowmeter 2“ inch drawing
  • inline Electromagnetic Flowmeter 2.5“ inch drawing
  • inline Electromagnetic Flowmeter 3“ inch drawing
  • inline Electromagnetic Flowmeter 4“ inch drawing
  • inline Electromagnetic Flowmeter 5“ inch drawing
  • inline Electromagnetic Flowmeter 6“ inch drawing
  • inline Electromagnetic Flowmeter 8“ inch drawing


  • RS485 Protocol
  • Hart Protocol

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