Vortex Flow meter

Vortex flow meter is a flowmeter for measuring fluid flow rates in an enclosed conduit.A vortex flowmeter comprising: a flow sensor operable to sense pressure variations due to vortex-shedding of a fluid in a passage and to convert the pressure variations to a flow sensor signal, in the form of an electrical signal;and a signal processor operable to receive the flow sensor signal and to generate an output signal corresponding to the pressure variations due to vortex-shedding of the fluid in the passage.

Vortex Flow meter Overview

Vortex flowmeters are used in numerous branches of industry to measure the volume flow of liquids, gases and steam. Applications in the chemicals and petrochemicals industries, for example, in power generation and heat-supply systems involve widely differing fluids: saturated steam, superheated steam, compressed air, nitrogen, liquefied gases, flue gases, carbon dioxide, fully demineralized water, solvents, heat-transfer oils, boiler feedwater, condensate, etc.

Vortex Flow meters Principle

A fluid flowing with a certain velocity and passing a fixed obstruction generates vortices. The generation of vortices is known as Karman’s Vortices.
Vortex meters are essentially frequency meters, since they measure the frequency of vortices generated by a “bluff body” or”shedder bar”.



Mass & Volumetric flow monitoring of most gases, liquids and steam

Measures four process variables with one process connection:

  • Mass flow rate/Volumetric flow rate
  • Temperature/Pressure

Easy to Install, lots of field installation options

Rugged, long-lasting design for the toughest applications


Pipe diameter:1/2″inch to 12″inch



Pressure rate:≤600 Bar



Ambient temperature:
Operating: -20° to 60°C
Storage: -40° to 65°C


Power supply:24VDC 100mA,3.6V Battery

Output signal:

  • 4-20mA
  • Pulse
  • User-definable pulse output for totalized flow

Digital communications: RS485, Hart

Hazardous-Area Location Enclosure


Flanged type



Tri-clamp Type

Insertion type


  • inline vortex Flow meter 1“ inch drawing
  • inline vortex Flow meter 1.5“ inch drawing


  • RS485 Protocol
  • Hart Protocol

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